Wednesday 28 July 2021

Practising again at last!


We missed our dancing so much during the dark days of lockdown. It's hard to retain dance-fitness when you're stuck indoors most of the day, and of course we missed seeing each other in real life.

But we've been released back into the wild at last! Who knows how long we'll be out here, but we're doing our best to get fit again, and trying to remember whether we go left or right, up or down or round about. We still can't hold hands or get too close to each other, but at least we can dance, outside in the car park, and gossip, and giggle, and get back to some version of normality.

Our musicians have felt equally lost. What's the point of practising morris tunes when there are no dancers? So some of us have amused ourselves playing other music, while others may just have put the old squeezebox aside for a bit while learning to make sourdough bread, grow prize dahlias, or whatever people were getting up to over the past year.

It's so lovely to play for the girls again! 

We hope the residents of Eaglesfield are enjoying the sound of our practising in the car park. We promise we'll be back inside the hall as soon as it's deemed safe.