Photo & video


Day of Dance, Keswick, 2019

We have photos going way back. Quite a lot are already online, but others, if we have time, will one day be scanned and added to the archive.

On our old website there are links to photos going back to 1998. It may take some time to copy all that info to the new site, so in the meantime, if you'd like to look into our history a bit, please visit the Photo Archive  page.

More recent (and much bigger!) photos can be found on our Flickr site.

If you have taken photos of Belfagan in action, and would like to share them, please contact Ally the Webmaker at We always give the photographer full credit for any photos we publish online, and if you look at our Flickr site you'll see there are photos by quite a number of different people. We'd love to add your name to our list of photographers!


There are a few videos of us in action on YouTube, but we're always happy to see more, so if you've filmed us dancing, please share! Contact Ally (above).

  • Rose and Crown at the Darlington Spring Thing, 2011.
  • Mona's Delight at Eaglescliffe, 2007
  • Belfagan outside the Kirkgate, Cockermouth, New Year's day 2007.
  • Eaglesfield outside the Kirkgate, Cockermouth, New Year's Day, 2007.
  • Wigton. Teaching Wigton to a group of enthusiastic young women at a hen party. We can do this for your party too, if you like!
  • Rose and Crown, a portion thereof, filmed by an onlooker when we were visiting Cardiff bay in 2012.
  • Whitby Keswick on a wet day in July 2012.
  • St Giles on the same wet Keswick day.
  • Cumberland Crown wet day in Keswick as above.
  • Wigton on the same occasion.
  • Dolly - a little clip showing us performing at the Tredegar House Folk Festival in South Wales, 2012.
  • Greenham a low resolution clip showing Belfagan at the Keswick Campsite in July 2009, with a number of campers and caravanners joining in. If you come and watch us, beware! You, too, may be roped in to dance Greenham!
  • Wigton at Kingston upon Hull on 23d September 2017 at the Morris Federation AGM and Day of Dance.
  • Wigton again, this time at the Viking Festival in Largs on 4th September 2017, on that memorable Sunday morning when the torrential rain was about to stop us dancing altogether,  until the lovely people at the seaside dodgems invited us to play undercover in their premises.
  • And here we are at the same event, dancing Poulton.
  • Dancing  Dolly at Caldbeck 2022.
  • And on the same evening, here we are dancing Shawforth