Charity work

Belfagan only collect for charity. This is known and respected in the area. We have raised several thousand pounds for both local and national charities. Whenever we dance out through the summer, we have our charity buckets out around the dance area. We have raised money for the NSPCC  (2013),  Just A Drop (2012), Cockermouth Mountain Rescue (2010/2011), The Great North Air Ambulance (2011), and Cockermouth Flood Fund (after the devastation of severe flooding in 2009).
2010 - Cockermouth Flood Recovery Fund, Cockermouth Mountain Rescue
and Great North Air Ambulance
 We do about three or four paid events per year, which fund such things as new fleeces and blouses for the side. If you would like Belfagan to provide entertainment at a family, social or corporate event please contact our secretary Jan Dickins (either by email or phone on 016973 21375) who will be pleased to talk to you and make arrangements.
2009 - Calvert Trust
2013 - NSPCC

2009 - West Cumbria Alzheimer's Society