Monday 14 October 2013

Welcome to Belfagan's website

Belfagan have had a website since about 1998, longer than most morris sides. This is the latest revamped version of what is rapidly becoming a vintage website.

Some of the new content has been generously provided by Stuart Wiltshire, who is charge of our publicity, Margaret Wiltshire, Day of Dance Secretary, and Jan Dickins, Secretary. The rest of it is all down to Ally, Webmaker for Belfagan since the start.


Our aim is to keep the dance tradition alive and to bring morris to the notice of the public in the best possible manner, with expertise, pleasure and humour.

Belfagan members are from all walks of life, and the joy we get from dancing together is obvious from our expressions and body language when dancing. We take pride in the fluidity and flourishes of the dances we perform.

Belfagan dress in pinafore tops of the dancer's choice of material over cherry-red underskirts. This is worn over a white blouse and cherry-red tights or socks (seasonal variation), and cherry-coloured clogs. Many onlookers comment favourably on the dresses. They are based on an updated version of a mill-girl's dress style from the 18th century. The dances have historical links to this era and workplace.

Belfagan is a morris side for women based in the western Lake District. We dance in the north-west clog tradition with traditional dances from around the north-west of England and some new dances created by the side.